We are very proud to present our latest collaborative effort with longtime team rider and STREETMACHINE family member Laurent Gehin. With close ties to the shop, being a prolific figure on the Danish skateboard scene and an incredible illustrator/designer - it was only natural for us to team up with Laurent for a graphic board collection. The capsule, which has been in the works for quite some time, has now turned into a series of skateboards, graphic t-shirts and a comic book (included with the deck).

    In Laurent's own words;

    "The comic book was my main inspiration for the project. I'd gotten into making comics with a friend, and found that printing small books could be done relatively cheap. So I wanted to create a book, that would be free with the purchase of a skateboard. The graphics for the boards and clothes could be inspired from the story."

    We're not handing out any spoilers, so we suggest you get your hands on one of the decks and get your read on!

    Alongside the collection, the comic book has birthed yet another offspring - THE STREETMACHINE GAME! Laurent has a designed nothing less than an incredible computer game which gives you classic 80's arcade vibes.

    "The game is a sidestory to the comic, where you experience one of the story's main events from the perspective of the game's main character. Playing the game is not important for understanding the story of the book, but I felt it was a fun way to expand it's universe and sneak in a couple of extra surprises."

    You will find the game further down on this page. You can either download it straight to your computer (which is recommended) or play it online.

    Releasing in-store and online December 14th at 10.00 (CET) - PREVIEW & SHOP THE COLLECTION BELOW

    Three different skateboards are available in the collection. Cover Girl (8.25), Dinner (8.5) and Ole [Blk & Wht] (8.0).

    All skateboards comes with a FREE STREETMACHINE COMIC BOOK.
    The graphic t-shirts are available in sizes XS - XXL, and features characters from the Comic Book & Computer game.

    Limited quantities available. Shop now: Cover Girl T-Shirt | Dinner T-Shirt
    The Ole graphic t-shirt are available in two different colorways.

    Limited quantities available. Shop now: Ole T-Shirt (Black) | Ole T-Shirt (White)
    Tell the people about your involvement with STREETMACHINE.

    I got on StreetMachine in 2004. My role has mainly been as a skater - going on tours and filming for the different videos STM has put out over the years. Between 2010 and 2012 I worked with Emil Hvilsom on making the video VoresKBH.

    What's the idea behind this project? How did it come to life, and how long have it been in the works?

    When first pitching the project to Anton, the original idea was to make a skateboard collection based on a comic I would create. Board graphics are often taken from other pre-existing franchises, so my ambition was to create an original story with skateboarding in mind. The idea of making a computer game first came much later.

    Besides skateboarding, we know you are into drawing, animation and other artforms... Explain your creative background and how you got into game design?

    I've been very passionate about drawing and storytelling since I was a kid. Got really into animation a few years ago, and things have just kind of naturally been progressing to where making a computer game suddenly became possible. It's still very new to me though, this is the first game I've made.

    What does the future hold for Laurent Géhin? Any projects in the works?

    This project has inspired me to look further into interactive design, so I actually just started a masters in game design after the Summer. No specific projects as such in the works, looking forward to spending some time on my skateboard.

    Follow Laurent on INSTAGRAM, and visit laurentgehin.com to stay updated!

    Unfortunately, the STREETMACHINE computer game does not work on your mobile phone. But be sure try it out on your desktop, if you're into gaming. You don't wanna miss out on this one!


    Enter the STREETMACHINE GAME above. You can either download it directly to your Computer (Mac or PC), which is recommended (Also, you can keep it forever). If you prefer to play the online version, that of course is also a possibility.

    It's pretty simple to work the game, but be sure to check out the Tutorial included before starting for the best experience!

    If the game becomes too complicated or if you get stuck somewhere, Laurent put together some serious spoilers all gathered in a walkthrough guide to the game (CLICK HERE FOR HELP). This will help you complete the game!