Converse CONS & Streetmachine present Disposable CPH. A zine consisting of 27 selected photos, shot by 7 members of the Streetmachine family during the Summer of 2017 - capturing the life in and around Copenhagen. All photos are shot on disposable cameras by Fuji.

Join us in-store this Friday - Feb 2nd for an exhibition featuring selected works from the Disposable CPH project on display. The zine is free and the beers are cold.

What: Disposable CPH [Exhibition / Zine release]

When: Friday, February 2nd [17.00 - 19.00]

Where: Streetmachine, Kronprinsensgade 3, Copenhagen

Contributors: Emil Kjeldsen, Anton Juul, Tristan Frey Wilkinson, Tor Strøm, Mark Wingco, Frederik Schou Andersen, Alexander Gudmundsson